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NGN switches and networks


In the UK, British Telecom introduced another popular acronym for NGN - the 21CN (21st Century Networks, sometimes mistakenly quoted as C21N). This is another loose term for NGN and denotes BT's initiative to deploy and operate NGN switches and networks in the period 2006-2008 (the aim being by 2008 BT to have only all-IP switches in their network).

THUS plc was the first company in the UK to roll out a NGN, in 1999. Fibre optic cable that runs 10,600km and more than 190 points of presence throughout the UK comprised THUSí network. The core optical network uses DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) technology to provide scalability to many hundreds of gigabits per second of bandwidth, in line with growth demand. On top of this, the THUS backbone network uses MPLS technology to deliver the highest possible performance. IP/MPLS-based services carry voice, video and data traffic across a converged infrastructure, potentially allowing organisations to enjoy lower infrastructure costs, as well as added flexibility and functionality. Traffic can be prioritised with Classes of Service, coupled with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that underpin quality of service performance guarantees. Seven Classes of Service, four of which are currently offered on MPLS IP VPN are accommodated by THUS NGN.

In Holland, KPN is developing an all-IP, a NGN network in a network transformation program. Next Generation Networks also extends into the messaging domain and in Ireland, Openmind Networks has designed, built and deployed Traffic Control to handle the demands and requirements of all IP networks.

In Bulgaria, BTC (Bulgarian Telecommunications Company) NGN has been implemented as part of the underlying network of its telco services, in a large scale project undertaken in 2004. The inherent flexibility and scalability of the new core network approach resulted in an unprecedented rise of classical services deployment as POTS/ISDN, Centrex, ADSL, VPN, as well as implementation of higher bandwidths for the Metro and Long-distance Ethernet / VPN services, cross-national transits and WebTV/IPTV application.

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1658 Gailes Boulevard
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