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BBG Communications
1658 Gailes Boulevard, San Diego, CA, 92154
Phone: 1.619.661.6661

1st Generation Cellular Phone


Many countries launched the first generation of cellular telephone systems which included the NIT, AMPS, SACS, RT MI, C-Net, and Radio com 2000 tecnologies.

The first commercial launch was by NET in Tokyo around 1979. In 1981 the NMT system was introduced in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. In the US, the first handheld mobile phone was the Motorola_Dyna 8000X , which entered the market in 1983. Mobile phones began to proliferate through the 1980s with the introduction of "cellular" phones based on cellular networks with multiple base stations located adjacent to each other. Unlike previous cellular technology, this era saw the introduction of protocols for the automated continuity of calls even if they are made between two cell. At this time analog transmission was in use in all systems. Mobile phones were somewhat larger than current ones, and at first, all were designed for permanent installation in vehicles (hence the term car phone). Later, these bulky units were converted for use as "transportable" phones, with sizes as big as a briefcase. Motorola introduced the first truly portable, handheld phone.

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BBG Communications entered the telecommunications industry to help remove restrictions placed on hotel guests by the largest ...

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Our clients come in diverse fields, and their needs are ever changing. With technology constantly improving, our business thrives on....

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BBG Communications
1658 Gailes Boulevard
San Diego, CA, 92154
Phone: 1.619.661.6661
Email: info@bbgcomm.com
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